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Citizens expressed concerns over plans for new subdivision

July 16, 2019


Lumberton’s Municipal Utility District Board adopted a proposed plan for improvements and taxation in the defined area of the Brampton-Essential development.
​The approved plan is to provide water, sewer, and drainage for a new development on 1,500 acres of the defined area on Hwy 421.
​“Our piece of the puzzle is strictly water and sewer,” Board President Nick Carter said.
​It was a packed house on Monday evening as citizens expressed concern over potential flooding caused by drainage of the development.
​“This is merely the first step,” Carter said, noting the permitting process goes through the county and the city.
​Several speakers questioned the district’s responsibility to residential drainage downstream.
​“Don’t just study what you’re doing right there; study where it’s going,” one resident said of the plan.
​Citizens wanted their disaffection with the ill-defined impacts of the drainage impacts that the new development would bring on the record.
​“This whole construction affects all of us, we can’t help but worry about the drainage,” resident Stacie Swearingen said.
​After Harvey, the floodplain of the district changed, leaving residents uncertain about the future of developmental impacts.
​Monday’s meeting did little appease residents of the impact.
​Brampton-Essentials Patrick Hoffman stated the complex issues regarding drainage are covered by several different entities.
​“This is a 30- to 40-year project; we aren’t going to make anything worse,” he said.
​The development will require wetlands mitigation and compliance with federal environmental reviews.
​A plan to control downstream drainage; he said: “will make green space and retention ponds the aesthetic features of neighborhoods.”
​Funding for the development will be underwritten by Brampton Essentials.
​Bond estimates of water, sewer, and drainage construction costs are $226 million with estimates of pavement infrastructure costs at $225 million in two separate debts.
​“The bonds can’t be issued until there is a tax base to support them,” Hoffman said.
​That means the development of homes, including commercial and industrial outlets, roads, and drainage systems, have to be on-the-ground.
​“We pay upfront,” he said.
​Residents of the newly constructed development would pay a higher tax rate to repay the bonds.
​Hoffman says Bampton-Essentials purchased more than 3,000 acres of land in Hardin County in 2016 and began the process to develop the property at that time.
​Projected home construction is estimated to commence in 2021 producing as many as 70 homes by the tax year 2029.
​The Board passed approval of the proposed plan for the Brampton-Essential Defined Area unanimously. 

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