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LMUD approves Brampton-Essential proposed water & sewer plan

July 16, 2019


By Mary Bernard

The Lumberton Municipal Utility District approved Monday, July 15, the proposed Brampton-Essential Defined Area Plan. 

Proposed is concept to develop a water and sewer system to serve a develop 3,200 acres of land located within the boundaries of the Lumberton MUD.

Funding requires new developers to be required underwrite the cost of the improvements to the District's water and sewer system to serve the new developments without reimbursement to the entire District.

More than 20 speakers participated at the Lumberton MUD among a packed house of 50-plus visitors. Most want their disaffection with the ill-defined impacts of the drainage impacts that the new development would bring on the record.

The MUD Board does not handle drainage issues, but rather issues related to water and sewer.

Speaking of the potential drainage impacts, Brampton's Patrick Hoffman said: "the drainage issues are governed by the county, we will comply with all federal and local environmental regulations and requirements."

Brampton bought the property in 2016. The Board of the MUD noted that they have worked on this issue largely in without conflict since the beginning, so tonight's assembly was a departure from the norm.

The Board passed approval of the proposed plan for the Brampton-Essential Defined Area unanimously.  

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