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July 2, 2019

The following information for health inspections in June 2019 is publicly available at the Hardin County Health Department website.


Boutte’s Boudin, 568 N. LHS Dr, all specifications met – earned a perfect score of 100.

HEB Pantry, 819 N. Main, all specifications met – earned a perfect score of 100.


CVS #7499, 685 Haw 96, Bottom of the milk cooler needs cleaning – earned a score of 99.
Dairy Queen, 1180 N. 5th Street, dumpster area needs cleaning, door lock broken at women’s restroom, no light in dry storage, condensation on air vents, leaking on floor, leak at 3 compartment sink, cleanliness issues in BOH, dessert station not cleaned from the night before – earned a score of 91.


Peavey’s Caneyhead Store, 8500 FM 92 N., need light in the WIC, clean slicer after each use, towels must be in sanitizer bucket, much improved over last visit – earned a score of 98.

Silsbee Buzzy Bee, 970 Hwy 96, ice cream buckets on the floor, hand sink not supplied with paper towels, towels on the counter, not using sanitizer buckets, dishes not being washed properly, no sanitizer test strips, need thermometer for cooler/freezer bottom shelf not 6” off the floor, no food manager or food handler certificates for workers on shift – earned a score of 84.

Novrozsky’s, 1170 Hwy 327, women’s restroom sink not raining properly, can opener needs cleaning, fire extinguisher very dirty, WIC door not closing, frozen/ portioned items not labeled, grease buckets not covered on back dock, air curtain needs cleaning, most items corrected on site – earned a score of 99.

Mi Pueblo, 980 Hwy 327 E., hot water not working at guest restroom and front hank sink, food not dated in reach-in prep area, wiping cloths not properly stored – earned a score of 94.


Short Stop, 4345 Hwy 96 N., need sanitizer test strips, tidy and organize storage area, need a mop rack, mop sink needs cleaning, Overall Much Improved – earned a score of 96.


Brookshire Brothers, 333 S. Hwy 96, Deli: hood vents and outside vents need cleaning, meat and cheese case not holding temp – had to move all items and service case, some cleanliness issues. Bakery: towels laying around not in sanitizer solution, wood table cover needs to be wipeable. Butcher shop: wipe containers after every use, seasonings need to be clean, shelves need organizing – earned a score of 97.


Romano’s Italian Bistro, 900 Hwy 96 S., new opening, all specifications met – earned a perfect score of 100.


Silsbee Oaks, 920 East Ave. L, all specifications met – earned a perfect score of 100.


Captain Ron’s, 300 S. Pine Str., most improved, all specifications met, earned a perfect score of 100.


Brookshire Brothers, 90 W. Monroe, Deli & Bakery, hang mops, thermometers needed – all items corrected on site – earned a score of 100.


Smoke N More, 655 S. Pine, all specifications met – earned a perfect score of 100.


105 Food Mart, 690 Hwy 105, no hot water in restroom, chicken thawing uncovered and not labeled, need thermometer in WIC, sanitizer not mixed correctly – earned a score of 97.


J&R Meat Market, 185 N. Hwy 326, hot water out in restroom sink and mop sink – earned a score of 95.


Gourmet Cupboard, 18003 Hwy 105, all specifications met – earned a perfect score of 100.

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