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Beware of the Brown Friday Blues: Tips onHow to Avoid a Holiday Home Disaster

November 21, 2018


Beware of the Brown Friday Blues: Tips on
How to Avoid a Holiday Home Disaster
- Day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year for plumbers -

Lumberton, Texas (Nov. 21, 2018) – For many Lumberton residents, the Friday after Thanksgiving is a time to shop and snag great discounts, enjoy copious amounts of leftovers or simply relax. But for plumbers, the day after Thanksgiving – deemed by plumbers as Brown Friday – is one of the busiest days of the year.

Extra food and guests in the home often means extra use of plumbing systems, which translates into a heightened number of service calls for technicians to deal with the ugly aftermath of Thanksgiving feasts: clogged disposals, pipes and drains.

“Over the past three years, service calls the day after Thanksgiving have increased by nearly 50 percent for Mr. Rooter locations nationwide,” said Master Plumber Wes Howard of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Beaumont. “Most homeowners aren’t aware of plumbing problems until the extensive usage of sinks, toilets and garbage disposals overwhelms the system, potentially costing thousands of dollars to fix.”

To help homeowners avoid any holiday home disasters this year, Local Plumbers are offering expert tips for keeping drains, disposals and toilets unclogged.

• Never put fibrous foods like potato peels, cornhusks, carrots or onion skins down the garbage disposal. They tend to wrap around the disposal blades, potentially damaging the motor. Instead, toss them in the trash.
• Dispose of grease and oil in a container, and throw it in the trash. This substance may be liquid when it's hot, but it solidifies as it cools and clogs drains.
Use a drain screen or mesh strainer to catch any hair or debris in the shower. And, be sure to clean strainers regularly for optimum performance and eliminate odors.
Avoid flushing wipes (even those labeled as flushable), feminine products and other non-dissolvable products down the toilet. The only materials that belong in a toilet are water, waste and biodegradable toilet paper.
Keep a plunger in your bathroom so anyone can quickly fix a clog immediately after it happens. You can also keep a cup plunger around for clogged sinks and tubs.

“The holidays are always a hectic time, so we’re hoping that by sharing these tips, people can take preventative measures to avoid plumbing disasters during Thanksgiving and throughout the entire holiday season,” said Howard.               

By Lairen Glenn 


For more tips on how to avoid a holiday home disaster, check with your local plumber to ensure you don’t suffer from brown Friday. 

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