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Masonic Lodge open house

November 14, 2018




Masonic Lodge open house
​The Lumberton Masonic Lodge 1430 held a public dinner in honor of local and county police, fire, emergency responders on Tuesday, Nov. 6.
​It was open house opportunity for the Lumberton Ledger to meet with local masons and gain a better understanding of the fraternal organization.
​Worshipful Master Barrett Kemp welcomed visitors saying masons are a member group, but tonight “it’s an event to appreciate all first responders of Hardin County as well as the open house.”
​Why an open house?
​“To remove the cloud of secrecy over masons,” Senior Warden Jay Gunter said.
​Masonry is not a secret society he said: “rather a society with secrets,” primarily secrets relating to ways in which masons recognize one another.
​Masons are a global brotherhood and being able to recognize a brother means a traveler immediately is connected with a friend no matter where the meet.
​“What makes the bond is the fellowship,” Kemp said.
​It’s both a fraternal and faith-filled fellowship as the Bible is central to masonry, resting on the altar in every lodge.
​“All of our teachings and precepts originate in the Bible,” Gunter said, pointing to the log imprinted on Kemp’s shirt: ‘The fatherhood of God, and the Brotherhood of man.’
​Anyone can become a mason, simply ask one to be one.
​“It was hard for me to find good friends that I could trust,” said Matthew Rackley, a young man who found fellowship with masonry.
​“I realized I could trust anyone here,” he said.
​Mason bring together men of all walks of life “from Presidents to ditch diggers,” Gunter said.
​It is said that masons take a good man, and make him better like George Washington and many of the Founding Fathers.
​Masons were there in the early days of Texas as Gunter says his great great grandfather was a mason and he hopes his children will also become masons.
​It’s a brotherhood passed down through the generations.
​The Lumberton Masonic Lodge meets on the second Tuesday of the month at Masonic Lodge on 305 Fletcher Road, Lumberton, for dinner at 6 pm and a meeting at 7 pm.
​Masons are known for their fundraisers, food drives, raffles, and other charitable efforts and welcome newcomers to the organization. 

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