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Lumberton ISD names teachers of the year

September 12, 2018


Superintendent Dr. Gerald Chandler opened Thursday’s regular meeting of the Lumberton Independent School District by recognizing “our teachers of the year in this exciting time.”
He asked the principals of each campus to induce the teachers and say a few words.
High School Principal Darwin Davis introduced Susan Letourneau, High School Teacher of the Year is “a mentor to the people in her department….who always thinks of the school and the kids first, and herself second.”
Middle School Principal Leanne Stringer introduced Andrea Broussard, Middle School Teacher of the Year, as an innovative educator where “you soon learn with people who are enthusiastic to let those reins go.”
Intermediate School Principal Paige Wing introduced Kristy Cleveland, Intermediate School Teacher of the Year, as “an impact teacher, there’s is not a place in my school that you cannot see where she hasn’t touched.”
Primary School Principal Katherine Waldrop introduced Angela Evans, Primary School Teacher  of the Year, as “a true inspiration to her students, their parents, and her co-workers….she’ll be standing in my spot one day.”
Early Childhood School Principal Kevin Wing introduced Rachel Flowers, EC Special Ed Teacher of the Year, as “highly supportive of our campus and all of our teachers.”
This year’s enrollment is 4,012 students, compared to “the end of last year with 3,924 students,” according to Superintendent Gerald Chandler.
Overall, enrollment numbers are spread out across the district with some concentration in the sixth and kindergarten grades.
“Our hurricane recovery grant totals $9,027, our 2017-2018 Texas Restart Hurricane Grant is $227,067, and phase of two of what was our hurricane emergency impact aid for displaced students is $541,109,” he said.
The numbers reflect a considerable effort on the part of the district, according to Superintendent Chandler.
In action items on the Sept. 6 agenda, the Board of Trustees unanimously approved travel for the High School Cheerleaders to attend the National High School Cheerleader Championship competition in Orlando, Fla., on Feb. 8-10, 2019.
Board members also approved travel for the High School Baseball Team to travel to Sulphur High School, in La., on Feb. 28 and March 1-2, 2019 for a baseball tournament.
Additional approval by the board involved the adoption of the district’s credit by examination process for all grades.
“This is a brand new process that the state has a requirement on and is relevant to parents who would like to have their students advance a grade level or receive credit through examination,” Patti Crouch, Assistant Superintendent said.
The audit refers to statewide consistency in procedures, Crouch explained, adding the process is rare and most often initiated at the request of the parent. 
A TASB policy update approved by the board states that individuals may be allowed to enter a campus in the case of an emergency without a full background check. Precautions are essential, and individuals will be monitored. 
The board finalized approval for the school safety guardian program, allowing the program to be initiated. 
The first Citizens Advisory Meeting will be on Sept. 17 at the PAC, at 6 pm, regarding school safety. Thursday’s LISD meeting closed in Executive Session as the board met on finalizing the Guardian Plan Program operations.

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