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Stop the Bleed

August 15, 2018


East Texas Gulf Coast Regional Trauma Advisory Council closed two days of training with the Stop the Bleed program for the teachers and staff of the Lumberton ISD.
The Stop the Bleed program trains non-medical professionals how to react in case of an emergency to help a victim halt significant blood loss.
Superintendent Dr. Gerald Chandler introduced the final workshop planned in school safety training saying we can all help in an emergency.
“If that situation comes, and we all hope it never does, then we’re all prepared to help save some lives,” Superintendent Chandler said.
On Monday, Aug. 13, Jeff Thibodeaux, Advisory Council Chair and critical care paramedic introduced the day’s program.
“Everyone here today will learn how to apply a tourniquet and pack a wound to stop bleeding,” Thibodeaux said.
Assisting him were nearly two dozens medical professionals from local hospitals, ambulance companies, the fire department, airmed crew, and emergency medical technicians.
As scary as it sounds to encounter a bleeding victim, knowing what to do may make the difference between life and death.
Groups of ten teachers at a time applied tourniquets while others got hands-on training in stuffing wads of gauze into imitation open wounds.  
These actions are intended to assist the injured before the EMTs arrive, and is not a replacement for professional help.
Backcountry medical kits, tourniquets, and stop-bleed gauze dressing that causes blood to clot can be purchased at Academy. 
The East Texas Gulf Coast Regional Trauma Advisory Council is an association of medical professionals and trauma emergency professionals from across the state who provide training and educational material.

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