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Lumberton Texas Sentinels Foundation Wounded Warrior Home

May 23, 2018



Texas Sentinels Foundation, RE/MAX ONE, and Armour General Contractors have partnered to build a new home for one of America’s military heroes.


Amanda Cobb, of RE/MAX ONE, says her company and supporters will welcome a hero by providing a Lumberton home for a veteran.


Saturday, May 19, Cobb was at the partially completed home for a stud-signing fundraiser.


“Charlie Foxworth, of RE/MAX ONE, had the vision to partner with Texas Sentinels Foundation to help wounded veterans, and this home is just one example,” she said.


On Saturday, May 19, RE/MAX hosted a stud-signing sale at the soon-to-be under construction Blackmon home on Merrymark Road, in Lumberton.


The RE/MAX team determined to construct a home 100-percent financed, ADA compliant for an American veteran, and available as their forever-home.


“U.S Army veteran Mr. Phillip Blackmon, and his wife, Tammy, of Garland, Texas, are ready to come to Lumberton, but we’re still raising funds for before they arrive,” Cobb said.


The Blackmon’s will take possession of a four bedroom, 2,100 square-foot home, fully-furnished, ADA compliant home in June 2018


The Texas Sentinel Foundation raises money to provide “100-percent debt-free, mortgage-free homes for Army wounded veterans,” Cobb said.


In concert with the Foundation, the Army is working to accommodate wounded warriors like SSG Phillip Blackmon, U. S. Army (retired) was his wife, Tammy.


“Their son is already graduating high school and leaving for college so that this home will be for them and their dogs,” Cobb said.


Cobb says that SSG Blackmon was an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) specialist, who successfully diffused ordnance in Iraq, and elsewhere.


“SSG Blackmon holds the record for successfully diffusing more than 150,000 tons of unexploded ordnance while conducting combat operations in Iraq for 48 months,” cites the Texas Sentinels Foundation website.


SSG Blackmon has multiple physical disabilities from explosion-related injuries and needs a specially built home to accommodate him.


His Lumberton home will hopefully, “be a dream come true,” as Cobbs of RE/MAX and Texas Sentinels are committed to assist American veterans like the Blackmons.


If you missed Saturday, donate at www.homeforahero.org online or join RE/MAX on June 22, at Rocking A Cafe, for a Bingo night fundraiser.


By coincidence, Saturday, May 19, the Blackmon Stud-Signing Day was also National Armed Forces Day, or the day to appreciate America’s Armed Forces.

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