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Hardin County receives Gold Star Safety Award

April 18, 2018


Hardin County Human Resources Director, Debbie Mendisabal accepted the 2017 Gold Star Safety Award on behalf of Hardin County. 

The award was given when she attended the County Management and Risk Conference on April 4-6 in Galveston which was presented by the Texas Association of Counties (TAC). There were seven counties that received this award.


The TAC press release states, “County officials and managers attend sessions that provide resources and solutions for counties on the latest in risk management, human resource trends, health care reform, workplace wellness, and more.”


This will be the fifth Gold Star Safety Award for Hardin County.  Mendisabal stated that in order to be a Gold Star recipient, the member must “meet the Safety Award Criteria, have an active safety committee or have demonstrated implementation of risk control programs to mitigate risk exposure, adopt an incident review committee for law enforcement operations, and provide training on core subjects such as back injury prevention, slips, trips and falls, driver training, and fire prevention.  Gold Star applicants must not exceed a loss ratio greater than 65 percent.”


She said she was not aware they were receiving this specific award when she attended the conference.  “I felt proud of the job that Hardin County is doing to keep employees safe,” she said.


“It is of the utmost importance to Hardin County and its elected officials and department heads that Hardin County maintains a good safety record because that ensures that our employees have a safe working environment and for the public who visit the courthouse, that it’s a safe environment for them also,” said Mendisabal.

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