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Breonna's killer sentenced to death by lethal injection

February 28, 2018

Photo credit: Blue Soldiers for Breonna Loftin Facebook page.

Editors Note: I have taken the liberty as the Publisher/Editor to not showcase a photograph of Breonna’s killer Jason W. Delacerda, Adam C. Brooks. 




Hardin County’s capital murder trial of Jason Wade Delacerda closed Tuesday with a unanimous jury sentence of death by lethal injection for the defendant.


“There’s no way to sanitize what happened,” District Attorney David Sheffield said.


On Feb. 23, 2018, Delacerda was found guilty by the jury in the intentional murder of Breonna Nicole Loftin, 4, on Aug. 17, 2011.


Continuing, Sheffield said, “You can’t change the sadistic nature of this crime.”


Breonna’s tortured end began some 23 days earlier when her mother Amanda Guidry moved into Delacerda’s Kountze trailer home.

Before then, Breonna lived off-and-on with her aunt and grandmother, and all accounts had a normal happy childhood. Once living with Delacerda, Breonna suffered numerous injuries until late on the evening of Aug. 17, 2011, 911 was called to the home to resuscitate the child.


By the time an Acadian Ambulance arrived at the trailer, Delacerda was performing CPR on an unconscious child that had “already flatlined,” according to emergency personnel.


She was transported to Beaumont’s Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital where Breonna Loftin was declared dead.


“Death was caused by a non-accidental subdural hematoma as the result of blunt force trauma to the back and the left temporal area of the skull, ” Medical Examiner Tommy Brown said.


Both adults were arrested in relationship to Breonna’s death, but only Delacerda was charged with capital murder.


Who did this?


District Attorney David Sheffield said, Breonna “was telling us by the injuries she received, who did this.”

There were broken bones, bruises, puncture wounds, burns, and various head injuries, all of which Delacerda’s son testified as witnessed at the hands of his father.


It took the jury less than three hours to find Jason Delacerda guilty in the murder of Breonna. The final phase of the trial, on Tuesday, Feb 27, called the jury back to determine Delacerda’s fate: death or life without parole.


Sheffield held up a picture of Breonna, saying her death “is what happens when pure innocence meets pure evil.”


Defense Attorney Ryan Gertz maintained that prosecutors failed to prove their case, raising reasonable doubt as other parties resided in the home.

The jury retired to deliberate, returning within two hours and a unanimous decision on sentencing Delacerda to death.


Judge Steven Thomas declared the sentence as rendered “death by lethal injection.”


Afterward, Gertz said that an appeal on a death sentence in Texas is automatic.


 “We are disappointed in the decision,” he said, noting the introduction of other ‘bad acts’ by Delacerda presented to the jurors swayed their findings.

“There was just no evidence of who caused the injuries,” which were presented to drive emotion and skew the result, according to Gertz.


Amanda Guidry is out on bail and will be tried at a later date.

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