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Talented sisters give southeast Texas the gift of a song

October 18, 2017


Lumberton natives and twin sisters, Jordan and Madison Skinner, are talented singers/songwriters who have honored the resilient spirit of southeast Texas with a song.
The song was inspired by the response of Texans during Hurricane Harvey. Titled, “Soul of Texas”, it was recently released online and is free to download.  
The song can be downloaded at https://www.jayemadison.com/music-merch.
The girls live in Nashville while they are attending college.  They have been singing together since they were young girls and have named their duo, Jaye Madison.  
During Harvey, they were glued to the news, watching helplessly as their hometown and surrounding areas endured flooding from the storm.  
Jordan said, “I wrote the words in class after watching all of the devastation happening back home.  It was really tough being away from home.”
She and her sister were overwhelmed with emotion and felt the only way they could help was to do what they love; write music and sing.
“The only thing we felt we could do is write a song for everybody and maybe they wouldn’t feel so alone and would know they have the community standing behind them and that they are stronger than their situation, “said Jordan.
Through the news and information from family and friends, they were inspired by people helping one another.  They describe it as a “song of encouragement, an ode to resilience, and an anthem of strength for so many people who lost everything but their pride.  It’s about overcoming, re-building, and recovering. “
The sisters are humbled by the positive response to their song.  Madison said, “We’ve heard it’s the exact thing people needed to hear after losing so much.”
Performing and assisting Jaye Madison in this song are Tanya Orlov- Audio Engineer/Producer, Andrea Schollnick - Videographer, Christopher Collier- Guitarist, Ben Griego- Bassist, Miranda Powell- Piano, and Drew Bostwick- Drums.
Even though the girls are far from home right now, as they state on their Facebook page, Lumberton and southeast Texas are, “Always our home, always in our hearts

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