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Popular coach/teacher sleeps on roof of school


Some people passing by Sour Lake Elementary school on Saturday evening may have been perplexed regarding the two people camped out on the roof.


Sour Lake Elementary coach and science teacher, George Jordan made a bet with his fifth grade students that if they passed the STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) test with 91% accuracy or higher; he would spend the night on the roof of their school.


This was Jordan’s fifth time to challenge his students with this fun wager and actually have to follow through.


His wife Martha, who is a secretary at the school, called him one day and said, “Guess what?” Jordan was informed that his students did their part by scoring 92% accuracy on the STAAR test, so he was ready to hold up his end of the bargain.


One of his former students, who is now in high school, Ryan Powell, decided to join Jordan and keep him company for the camp-out.


“It was great.  We had a great time,” Jordan said.  They set up camp with a tent and inflatable mattresses on the roof and around 7 p.m. settled in their chairs on the edge of the roof, ready for visitors. 


They had several visitors until around 10 p.m., with many bringing snacks that were placed in a bucket that was attached to a rope.  Jordan and Powell would pull the bucket up to retrieve their snacks.


Although it was hot and the two had a tough time trying to sleep; they enjoyed the experience.


“I’m excited because my kids did well.  I’m proud of them and that’s what it’s all about,” he said.

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