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Lumberton Snake Wrangler



One Lumberton mom admits her son’s natural ability to capture snakes is an unusual gift, adding that his snake wrangling began at an early age.


The Lumberton Ledger caught up with mom Tammi Treece-Woolly for an interview about her son Parker Woolly’s fascination with snakes. Parker, 16 years old, was off to his first day of work Tuesday, but would undoubtedly agree with his mom’s support.


Treece-Woolly said she always encouraged the kids to play outside but admits she began to doubt that advice when Parker brought his first snake to the house.


“I’m not a snake person, it completely freaked me out,” she said. “He said, ‘Mom, it’s okay, I know everything about snakes,’ so I thought I’ll put that to the test.”


Parker was maybe 7 or 8 years old at the time, so Treece-Woolly got on the laptop to research all of the snakes she could find in the local area.


Sure enough, Parker identified every kind of snake, poisonous or nonpoisonous, where it could be found, and so on. Treece-Woolly was not sure where he found his study material, although his painstaking effort impressed her.


 “I thought if he’s going to explore snakes, I need to protect him. I went and bought him rubber boots and told him ‘have at it’ and he’s been doing it ever since,” she said.


The family nicknamed Parker the ‘Snake Wrangler,’ which extends to his talent with all things in nature.


“While crabbing at Anuahuac Wildlife Refuge, he snagged an alligator one time,” Treece-Woolly said. “And at the beach, he once netted a huge stingray in knee deep water.”


 If all this sounds wild, Parker’s gift has it perks. Treece-Woolly said her husband and the kids were hiking once when Parker averted disaster by spotting a Copperhead before they stepped to close.


Whether it’s snakes or gators Parker’s mom says he practices catch and release.


The family includes another 13-year-old boy and a 19-year-old girl, “who is right there to handle the snake if she’s there,” mom said.


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