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Brown tap water raises concern among Lumberton residents

Photo credit Amber Tuttle Riedinger. Brown tap water picture from Lumberton Texas Talks Facebook.




A comment about brown tap water appeared on the “Lumberton Texas Talks” Facebook page Thursday evening just before 9 pm, saying “this is the brownest I’ve ever seen the water and it seems to be happening more frequently over the years.” Posting a picture of the discolored water, the writer Amber Tuttle Riedinger, asked who they needed to contact to have the matter resolved.


Subsequent comments included a suggestion she contact the Lumberton Municipal Utility District (MUD) at (409) 755-1559 to flush the line and return the tap water to clarity. Lumberton MUD provides water services throughout the city, and typically, responds to water problems as quickly as possible.


“We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Roger Fussell, Lumberton MUD District Manager said. “All we need is to be notified of the problem.”


Fussell says the utility can typically respond immediately during the week, “because we are fully staffed, maybe a bit less quickly on weekends or holidays, but we’ll be there when needed.”


Usually flushing the pipes resolves the issue by removing the extra iron that discolors the water.


The appearance of brackish water is part of the disinfectant process according to Lumberton MUD Operations Manager Robb Starr. “The discoloration appears when the water from one well comes in contact with water from another. We have four different wells in Lumberton, they’re all different waters from different depths and sometimes when those water meet and blend you get a little bit of dirty water. It oxidizes the iron coming out the solution,” he said.


Starr urges residents to contact the Lumberton MUD when brown tap water appears, adding it is somewhat frustrating when problems arise, but no one calls the facility. Friday morning’s service line did not have a single call for service recorded.


 “Just call us. If you don’t call and we don’t get it out, it will settle in the bottom of the line and people will see it anytime there’s a high flow,” he said, saying brown water is likely to recur.


The Lumberton MUD emergency contact number is (409) 755-1559 available 24-hours daily.

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