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Alexia King – Lumberton ISD Middle School Teacher of the Year

April 26, 2017


Alexia King has been teaching Special Education at Lumberton ISD for 10 years.  She chose special education as her focus due to a family member who was diagnosed with an intellectual disability at a very young age.  King says, “Throughout my childhood I was drawn to him as well as him to me.  I was able to connect with him in ways that no one else could.  At a young age I knew I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs.”


King said that becoming a teacher was a childhood dream and if she had not taken this particular career path she would have opened a day care center focusing on pre-kindergarten academics.


As a high school student, she says that she had a special teacher who made a significant impact on her; Mrs. Jerry Fae Blount, her high school art teacher.   “She took me under her wing, supported me, mentored me, and often tutored me during her off time,” said King.


Looking back on her years of teaching with LISD, King said there have been many situations and students that have reaffirmed to her that this is the right job for her.  “I have the ability to connect with students that portray a variance of behaviors.  Through behavior management techniques I have been able to remove students from their behavior intervention plans and provide them tools to use throughout their daily lives,” she said.


“The most rewarding aspect of my job is working with challenging students to change behaviors and prepare them for secondary transition,” said King.

Being selected as Teacher of the Year for LMS was a memorable moment for her.  When she heard she was selected she was in complete shock.  She was very thankful and honored to be chosen.

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