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Silsbee Tigers basketball team honored at Commissioners Court

March 30, 2017










“It’s a special day, it’s been a special month for the Silsbee Tigers,” said County Judge Wayne McDaniel as he opened the Hardin County Commissioners Court Special Meeting on March 27.


The Silsbee Tigers basketball team showed up to the special meeting to be recognized with Resolution 14-17. The Resolution was read by Precinct 1 Commissioner L.W. Cooper, Jr., who is also a graduate of Silsbee High School. 


Prior to the Resolution being read, Commissioners Chris Kirkendall, Alvin Roberts, and Kenneth Pelt expressed their congratulations to the team.  Commissioner Pelt joked that “I’m not a Hardin-Jefferson graduate because I’m older; I go all the way back to Sour Lake.  Once district play was over I was for you 100 percent.” 


Resolution 14-17 stated “Whereas after overcoming adversity during the district schedule, the Silsbee Tigers came together with great team effort to accomplish the first State Championship in Silsbee basketball history,” read Commissioner Cooper.


The motion was passed unanimously.


The Commissioners Court broke for a short recess to join the basketball team for a reception in the courthouse dome.


The Commissioners Court came back to session a short time later and continued with their agenda items.


Discussion regarding construction bids for the new Annex Building and possible action to amend the project budget, if necessary, was on the agenda.   Some changes that were made to the plans included removing dormers from the front of the building and taking away some space from the employee parking area.


It was mentioned that the HVAC and electrical were the highest over budget items.  The building has different departments that are zoned differently.

Judge McDaniel said “There were some items that came in over budget barely, and some were a little higher and some came in under budget which helps offset it, which I think is normal in construction.” 


There has also been a generator that was added in that was not included in the original plans.  Judge McDaniel said that is an additional $100,000 in itself.  It was determined that it was more feasible to go with a new generator for the building.


Commissioner Chris Kirkendall brought up that there are “larger and cheaper” buildings in the county.  He inquired as to how he would respond to the public when he is asked why the annex building is more expensive.


Commissioner Cooper emphasized “Both our architect and our construction manager have done a tremendous job in working with us very well. I hope y’all understand why were asking these questions and having these issues is because we’re dealing with other people’s money, the taxpayers money.”


The Commissioners decided to take some time to look at the new information and convene for a special meeting next week to get back to the discussion. 


The special meeting was adjourned and the regular meeting began around 10 a.m.


The Commissioners went through the regular items on the agenda; quickly passing the motions unanimously.


Laura McKinnis, Deputy Clerk in the Tax Office, was recognized for 11 years and five months for service to Hardin County.  She was presented her Certificate of Retirement by Shirley Cook, Tax Assessor/Collector. 


Sheriff Mark Davis recognized Kenneth Jones, Corrections Officer, Hardin County Jail, for eight years of service and presented his Certificate of Retirement. “Mr. Jones was probably the most dependable worker we’ve had in the jail,” said Sheriff Davis. 


Judge McDaniel presented the Certificate of Appreciation for 20 years of service to Commissioner L.W. Cooper, Jr.  “It’s been an honor working with you and I look forward to continuing that,” said Judge McDaniel. 


Kenneth Davenport, Chief Deputy with the Sheriff’s Office was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for his service of 20 years.  Sheriff Davis presented his certificate.  Chief Davenport said “I had a great sheriff for 20 years and another one who came in who I’m excited about and both of them are my best friends.”


Treva Sullins, Juvenile Probation Officer, was recognized for 10 years of service.  The Certificate of Appreciation was presented by Monica Kelley, Chief of Juvenile Probation.  “She is very loyal, dedicated, and an asset to the kids of Texas,” said Kelley.


The next item on the agenda was introduction of new personnel including:  Deputy Glenn Bailey and Deputy Kirk Leonard; Amanda Holland, Assistant Auditor – Auditor’s Office; Dana Elmore, Detention Officer – Juvenile Probation Department; Krista Nelson, Clerk – Adult Probation Department; Sharon Schartz, Public Health Nurse – Health Department; Monica Kitchens and Julie Theal, Deputy Clerks – Deputy Clerk’s Office.


The Commissioners adopted Resolution 15-17 recognizing April 4, 2017 as Mayor and County Recognition Day for National Service.

The American Red Cross of Southeast and Deep East Texas was represented by Chester Jourdan, Executive Director.  The Commissioners adopted Resolution 16-17 proclaiming March 2017 as American Red Cross Month.


Next, Misty Sims, Purchasing Agent, sought permission to solicit bids for Towing Services.  She and the evaluation committee then requested discussion and possible action regarding proposals that were received for Vendor to Occupy and Operate Courthouse Café.  The Commissioners approved the action to award the bid to Goodies Catering and Sweet Shop.


The last item on the agenda was discussion and possible action concerning the Request for Proposals for Road and Bridge Management Software Program.  They did not receive any proposals.  However, the current provider sent a letter expressing continued interest.  The Commissioners passed the motion unanimously to remain with the current provider.

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