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Bill Would place Employees’ Political Beliefs in Protected Category

March 22, 2017

Texas State Representative James White introduced and filed House Bill 2787 in early March with the Texas Legislature.  If the bill passes, employees would see some protection regarding the expression of their political beliefs while off-duty or off work. 


The bill states “If it’s outside the scope of your employment; your speech is protected,” Rep. White said.


He further explains that he sees this as strengthening the current employee discrimination aspects that are currently law.  Political beliefs would be placed in the same protected category as age, religion, ethnicity, race, and gender as it relates to employment under the law.


He described a potential situation of an employee who was off work and at a protest or political rally and someone in the public saw that and maybe they would protest against the business where that person works. Rep. White says, “So the idea is that if we took that off the table, and said you can’t discriminate against someone based on their political beliefs, it may lower the temperature as far as protesting against someone’s business because of the political stance that an employee takes.”

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