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Parents have Mixed Emotions at High School Registration


Last week, many parents found themselves at Lumberton High School registering their children for their first year of high school.  They experienced excitement, mixed with wistfulness and memories of when they stood in line for Kindergarten not so long ago. 


Now their babies are almost grown; many are towering over their mothers, as they look forward to a new chapter in their lives.


Amie Young, whose son is attending LHS next year, said “I walked into that building to register my son for his first day of high school and it hit me that in four years he will walk out of this same place and he will be considered an adult. He will walk out with a diploma in hand and he will be on his way to college.  It’s what I’ve raised him for and what I’ve prepared him for.  And I’m happy about it, right?  He may be almost a foot taller than me but I still see him as my little boy sometimes!  Adjustments for both of us are coming.”


That can be a hard pill to swallow when parents realize how fast the time goes.  In a blink of an eye they go from being babies to adults.  They leave to live their own lives and the household goes from chaos and busyness to quiet and still. 


Mom of future 9th grader, Brayden, Lindsey Mercer, says “How is this already happening?  How is the time already here? I think we all feel a mixture of disbelief, nervousness, joy, pride, excitement, and sadness.  I mean this is my baby here and they want me to sign him up for what?  High school?  I couldn’t help but sneak my big huge camera in case I got the opportunity to document this milestone.  However, my big boy didn’t share the same disbelief or sadness.  For him, it was time.  High school has finally arrived; let’s do this.”


 Some parents are concerned about the challenges their children will face in high school.  Classes will be more difficult.  Relationships with friends and parents may be more difficult.  Important decisions will be made during these years. 


Students heading into the unknown and, at times, intimidating world of high school have their own concerns. 


Mercer says of her son, “Overall, he was excited and only had a little bit of concern with regard to mapping out his four years of study.  Unlike when I was in high school, students entering high school now must plan out their four years of courses by choosing an endorsement.  An endorsement is basically just a set of classes that are grouped together by interest or skill set. Students entering high school must select the set of courses that best suits them and their interests.  The hope is by doing this, the students will be better prepared for their post high school education and ultimately their future careers.  This was concerning and overwhelming to him (and to this mama) at first because he wanted to be sure that he selected the set of courses that best suited his personality, schedule, and ultimately his career path; all while not overloading himself at the same time.  I was so pleased, though, because the counselors and teachers made this selection process much easier and they helped to alleviate all the concerns that we had.  They kept reminding us that this selection process is all done “in pencil”, and it can be changed at any time. This gave us both great comfort and made the high school registration process a great experience for both of us!”


“So, now, as hard as it is to believe, I think we are both ready.  Ready for this new adventure, ready for this new phase.  The challenges will be many, my big boy, but you are ready.  Work hard, dream big, and keep your faith strong,” she said.


Lumberton High School Principal Darwin Davis said about the registration, “Freshmen registration went very well this year. We registered over 200 students for classes and designed graduation plans for those students.  According to House Bill 5, all students now have to have a graduation plan in place.  One of the most important benefits of Freshmen registration is to develop that face-to-face relationship with our parents.  We sit down with them as a family and help plan their schedule and plan.  At this time we also answer any important questions that they have about LHS.”

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