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Jarrod Peavy Enjoys Celebration and Receives Over $3,000 from the Community

February 22, 2017


Well-known Wal-Mart employee and all around nice guy Jarrod Peavy, along with several relatives and friends, enjoyed a celebration hosted at the Hard Bean Coffee in Lumberton on Thursday, February 16.


 This party was to show Jarrod appreciation for being such a kind-hearted young man and to present to him all the money that has been raised.  Almost $3,300 has been raised in just a few months with the purpose of helping him purchase a vehicle.


He said he was planning on going car shopping in the very near future.


Jarrod has experienced new-found fame over the past few months.  After a Facebook post praising his work ethic and kindness went viral, Jarrod has seen just how much the people of Lumberton appreciate him.


Maricela Galvan is the customer who posted compliments about Jarrod on Facebook back in January.  Little did she know that Jarrod’s kind nature has been noticed by so many people.  She said, “We do our best to teach our boys to be kind and tell them a little compliment can go a long way.  My post was meant to remind others to do the same.  I’m thrilled it took off the way it did and am happy Jarrod benefited from it so greatly!”

Beka Golden was another customer who noticed Jarrod’s sweet spirit and when she found out he was saving to purchase a car; she decided to start a web page to raise money towards a car purchase.


 “In the beginning, I had the goal set to $1,000.  I was very optimistic about him reaching that goal; as I was sure he had warmed plenty more Lumberton hearts than just mine!  He reached his original goal so quickly that I bumped the goal to $5,000.  It was awesome to see just how many people noticed him and the hundreds of stories that showed his random acts of kindness.  It was overwhelming, but expected.  All in all, it was proof to me that good always prevails!” said Golden.

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