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Back to Back Wins for Raider Soccer

February 8, 2017

Raider soccer hosted the Port Arthur Memorial Titans Tuesday, January 31st.  JV had a great performance throughout the game and played strategically in the first half, but were outmatched and lost to the Titans with a score of 0-3.


Port Arthur recently dropped from a 6A to a 5A school, so the Raiders knew they had a tough game ahead of them.  Within the first half, the Raiders scored putting them ahead with a score of 1-0 and the Titans soon realized the Raiders weren’t going to go down without a fight.  The Raiders managed to score off of a corner kick and they thought they gained the advantage, but the referee called “off-sides” and the goal didn’t count.  


By halftime, the game was tied up 1-1.  Captains Keaton Soileau and Holden Edgecombe needed everyone on the team to step up and do their part.  The Captains pumped up their team and by the second half, they had everyone ready and hungry for a win.


The game was still tied and it looked like the Raiders were headed into overtime for the second game in a row, when the Titans suddenly scored causing the Raiders to be down 2-1.  All the energy in the stadium fell, but Soileau and Edgecombe didn’t let their boys lose their fire. 

With three minutes left in the half, the Raiders scored tying the game again with a score of 2-2.  The Raiders ran together hugging and celebrating, further proving they weren’t going down without a fight.


The game went into double overtime and neither team managed to score, causing the game came to be decided by a shootout.

Everyone in the stadium was on their feet.  Soileau got in goal prepared to fight for a win for his team.  The Raiders were up by one goal and it all came down to Edgecombe.  If he made the shot, the Raiders would win the game. 


Edgecombe shot and made the goal.  Raider fans were screaming and on their feet.  The team tackled Soileau and Edgecombe, congratulating them.  The Raiders won the game with a score of 2-2 and a shootout score of 4-3.


At their next game, the Raiders continued their winning streak.  On Friday, February 3rd the Raiders traveled to Livingston to take on the Lions and defeated them 3-2.  The next game for the Raider soccer boys was Tuesday, February 7th against the Central Jaguars at Lumberton. 


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