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Lumberton Wal-Mart Employee’s Kind Spirit Gets Noticed

January 16, 2017

In today’s world, harsh and angry words may be all a person hears throughout their day.  Many people lead busy, stressful lives running from work to home or some activity without hearing a positive word all day. Sometimes the simplest kind word can make a significant impact on someone’s day or lift their spirits.


21-year-old Jarrod Peavy, an employee at Lumberton Wal-Mart, has become well-known throughout the city of Lumberton for his upbeat attitude and always having something nice to say to shoppers at the store.  Peavy is responsible for gathering the shopping carts from the parking lot and bagging purchases. On a rainy day, he may tell a shopper to “stay dry” or on a cold day he may say “stay warm”.  His kindness stands out and people are taking notice.


Recently, a Wal-Mart customer, Maricela Galvan, posted on the What’s Happening in Lumberton Facebook page praising Peavy for a job well done and for his friendliness.  She said that if there is even just one cart in the parking lot, he is out there getting it.  Her post received over 730 likes and more than 200 comments from people commending Peavy and sharing their experiences with him.  The post even inspired one local woman Beka Golden to start a fundraising page for him in order to purchase a vehicle since he recently received his driver’s license.  Within the first hour, over $500 was raised and as of Sunday, January 15, $2,200 has been raised.  “I was so pumped when I found out,” he said.  He is so appreciative for the donations and wants to thank everyone for helping him get closer to getting a car.  The link to the fundraising web page is https://www.youcaring.com/jarrodpeavy-735554.


Peavy has been working at Wal-Mart for around two years and was born and raised in Lumberton. He enjoys seeing friends from high school while he is working.  When asked about the impact he has had on people by just being kind he says “if I smile every day and enjoy the day it goes by faster.”  Sometimes he will notice if someone may be having a bad day and he will say “I’ll pray for you that your day gets better and hope tomorrow is a better day.”


Peavy said his mother, Paula Brunner, taught him manners but the kindness and friendliness comes naturally to him.  “It’s always been like traveling with a celebrity.  He’s never known a stranger,” says Brunner.   “He’s always been a friendly boy, “she says. 


At four years old Peavy was diagnosed with Autism and Tourette’s Syndrome.  Brunner says he went from not speaking to high-functioning.  She continues to say that, at times, educational matters were challenging, however, they received great support from Big Thicket Co-Op. 


Peavy enjoys his work at Wal-Mart but says since he was a child he has enjoyed trains and hopes someday to work on a train as a conductor.


Brunner talks about the attention her son is receiving now and her eyes well up with tears as she says, “It makes me realize how much people really love him.” 


Peavy responds that when he sees people returning his kindness and love, “That’s God checking on me.  That’s God sending me a message that I am doing good and to keep up the good work. “

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