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Sheriff Mark Davis Officially Takes Office

January 4, 2017


On the first day of 2017, Hardin County Sheriff Mark Davis took an oath to serve the county and uphold his duties as sheriff. Davis is the first new sheriff in 20 years; former sheriff Ed Cain was in the position until he decided to retire. 


Sheriff Davis says about the January 1st ceremony, “Its official. I’m excited it’s a new day and a new year.”


Both Sheriff Davis and Cain say that the transition was very smooth.  “I will forever be grateful for, number one, the friendship and mentoring that Ed has provided to me over the years and also the transition,” says Davis. 


Davis continues to say “I’m here to tell you and I want the county to know that he bent over backwards to make this transition such an incredible success for me. That translates into a win-win for the citizens.”  In the days leading up to the official change of administration, Davis spent time learning about the paperwork and shadowing Cain.  His goal was for everything to continue without any bumps in the road.


“I have big shoes to fill.  He’s done an incredible job.  He’s devoted his life to public service,” Davis said of Cain.  Even with all of the admiration that Davis has of Cain and his leadership, he says that they will have their own ideas and will make some changes.  One of the changes that Davis mentioned was meeting technology head-on.  He realizes that the criminals utilize technology and knows how important it is for law enforcement to stay ahead of the curve. 


Davis discussed the increased danger that law enforcement faces every day and says that Texas leads the nation in the number of officers who died in the line of duty.  “Every day you go to work that truly may be your last day.  You may be asked to give the ultimate sacrifice that day to save someone’s life,” he says 


The new sheriff has experience in narcotics enforcement and plans to continue Cain’s zero tolerance for illegal narcotics use and dealing.  “Hardin County has a reputation for being tough on those who traffic in drugs.  I want that there.  I want to continue that, “ he pledges. 


As to what he would say to supporters of his opponent in the election, Bryan Skinner, he asks them to support him and watch his actions; they will have the next four years to grade his performance as sheriff. 


“I may not have been your choice but I am here now.  I ask that you support me.  We want the same thing.  We want a safer community. We want good employees who are doing good things.  We want to feel safe in our home and in our business.”

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