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Experts Weigh in on New Year and New Health and Fitness Plans

January 4, 2017


Every New Year usually brings about a desire for change and renewal.  Many times, that change is focused on physical fitness and nutrition.  Kim Kelley, owner of Phoenix Fitness, typically sees an increase of membership due to new years’ resolutions and because the gym receives their new releases of their fitness programs in January.


Kelley described some of her gym’s classes such as Body Pump and Body Combat.  Body pump is the original barbell Les Mills class.  According to Kelley, it builds lean muscle and burns a lot of fat and calories in a short amount of time. 


Body Combat is their mixed martial arts inspired training.  Phoenix has what they call a Smart Start for all of their classes where they can start off by just doing a few tracks and come back for another class next time and try to stay longer.  Kelley says you do not have to do the entire class the first few times. “It’s the consistency of the workout not the intensity of the workout at the beginning that makes people stay longer,” she said. 


Working out is not the only way to get healthy, in fact, most of the time if the nutrition is not on track, then exercise on its own will not get a person to their health goals.   “Nutrition is everything,” says Kelley.  “From personal experience if I’m eating well, I feel good.  If I feel good I can work harder.  Nutrition is the hardest part honestly.”


Jessica Dicken, owner of Delta Life Fitness in Lumberton, started her own fitness journey four years ago and lost 45 pounds.  She said she fell in love with fitness and jumped on the opportunity to own and manage a fitness club.  Dicken said they focus on three pillars of health; fitness, nutrition, and changing lifestyle.  She agreed that nutrition is the hardest part of the journey.  When someone is getting started, she tells them to start slow and not overwhelm yourself all at once.  “So many people try to jump on board and they want to change everything about their diet and work out five days a week.  That’s the biggest way to set yourself up for failure, “said Dicken.  She recommends that people work on one small goal at a time.  “You cannot out-train a bad diet.”


Phoenix is running a special in January offering three months of membership for $99.99. 


Delta Fitness center is a women-only facility and they offer childcare for members.  They offer modified programs for all different fitness levels.  They are offering a New Year’s Resolution Revolution special; those interested in trying out the center can get the first two weeks free.  After the two weeks, if they decide to join, there will be no payments for membership until February 2017.  They are also offering a free week at the center for non-members for mentioning this article in the Lumberton Ledger.

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