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Christian Singer/Songwriter Micah Tyler Rocks Out the New Pavilion at VCF

November 2, 2016


Micah Tyler has traveled all over the country performing his music; but feels most at home performing in Southeast Texas.  On Saturday, October 29, Tyler gave a concert at the Village Creek Festival. He talked about his excitement performing at the festival and said it is always fun to perform in his own backyard.  Born and raised in Buna, he loves the small town feel.  The people who taught his kids in school were some of same teachers he had.  “I love that there’s a bond here,” he said. 


On the last night of the Village Creek Festival, Tyler performed at the new Pavilion at Lumberton City Park.  The Pavilion was filled with fans and festival-goers anticipating the performance.  Tyler opened the concert by saying how good it was to be there and that it was “pretty awesome to be down here in the thick of Southeast Texas weather.” As Tyler and his band performed, he spoke to the audience about his experience being saved as a 10-year-old. “23 years later, I have not gotten over what Jesus has done in my life,” he said. 


A few weeks ago, Tyler performed in downtown Manhattan at one of the oldest churches in New York City.  He also enjoys touring in California where “it’s a different walk of life,” he says.  Performing in Southeast Texas is special to him.  He knows the pace of life and there is more common ground; he feels comfortable.


Growing up, Tyler said they loved music and he sang a little in their church as a child.  However, it was not something he was pursuing.  He became a youth pastor at 18 and began playing guitar around 20; he wanted to have music to go along with his messages.  At 27, Tyler felt like the next step for their family and ministry was to step out full-time as a performer. 


Since then, he has been touring the country; this year traveling 250 days.  He will be touring with Phil Wickham throughout November. The touring and traveling has been a blessing and also a challenge for his family.  Tyler said “as a husband with three children, being gone is the hardest thing.” The long-term goal is to slow things down.  They are in a busy season now trying to cultivate and build some things.  Tyler says he could not do it without his wife, Casey.  “She’s the rock star in our house.  She holds down the fort.”


When asked about specific hurdles for Christian music singers, Tyler says “there are always challenges, especially when people put you into a box and try to make you a small niche artist.”  He wants to make music that sounds good.  The only difference is he strives for a message that will change someone’s life and give glory to the Lord; music that is filled with hope.


Tyler has a new album coming out titled Different including a single with the same title.  Tyler says that song is probably closest to his heart right now.  “It’s a struggle that I had for a long time; feeling different,” he said.  He continues to describe how he felt like being different was a punishment.  Tyler refers to Psalm 139; focusing on this verse; “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” (Psalm 139:14, New International Version).  “We’ve been given a certain set of colors to paint with.  It’s become a new anthem for my heart right now.” He was that kid who wanted to be like everybody else; constantly clamoring for an opportunity to dress and talk like someone else.  “As a 33-year-old dad of three kiddos, I’m trying to tell them now that being different is what you are supposed to be.  No two people are the same.”


Tyler hopes that, “at the end of the day, my children remember that I loved them and tried my absolute hardest every day to be the best daddy that they deserve; showing them how to live like Jesus by example.” 


When asked why kind of advice would he give a young Christian singer trying to break into the industry, Tyler does not have a step-by-step answer to going out and getting a record deal.  But he does have his story; it was stepping out six years ago, selling half of what they owned, living in a mobile home, doing odd jobs, and traveling.  Six years later he has a record deal.  “We’re doing the exact same thing we did six years ago; waking up and being faithful.  For a new singer, he suggests not trying to start a career by preparing to sing in front of thousands of people in New York City.  “Go and play where you are now.”


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