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Lumberton City Council Convenes for September Meeting

September 14, 2016

Lumberton City Council convened for its regular meeting on September 12.  The meeting opened with Monique Sennet, Public Relations/Marketing Administrator for the Spindletop Center, speaking about the newly proclaimed National Suicide Prevention month. Mayor Pro Tem Kenneth Wahl read aloud the proclamation which stated that more than 40,000 people commit suicide every year.


Butch Holmes, Lumberton Chamber of Commerce Vice President, requested that the City Council provide $4,500 to expand marketing for the Village Creek Festival.  Holmes said that they would like to market to Jasper, Kirbyville, Woodville and Orange.  He mentioned that the headliner for the Festival on Saturday night, Micah Tyler, would be a big draw to people throughout the area.  The Council agreed to the request.


City Attorney, Curtis Soileau presented a first reading of an ordinance regarding dumpsters and storage containers.  Soileau said that there have been issues with dumpsters and storage containers; specifically construction dumpsters in the city.  There have been cases where construction dumpsters have stayed on a property for years.  The problem is that grass starts growing on the sides of the dumpster and wind blows debris from the receptacle. 


Soileau recommended a permit system.  A person/company receives a permit to use a dumpster and it is good for 180 days; with an option for extending that time.  If it is not removed within the time period allotted by the permit, fines would be incurred and then it would be removed at the cost of the peron/company utilizing it.  Councilman David Maniscalo questioned whether this would apply to people who have storage containers in their backyards.  Mayor Pro Team Kenneth Wahl brought up the storage containers used by Wal-Mart on their property and asked if they would be required to have a permit.  Lynette Barks, Councilman, remarked that she was more worried about dumpsters with trash. Soileau clarified that this policy would pertain to temporary storage purposes rather than permanent/long-term storage purposes. 


Mayor Don Surratt decided that there needed to be more discussions on what types of containers would be required to have permits under this ordinance.  They decided to gather their questions and then discuss again at the second reading of the ordinance.

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