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Schlotzky’s Grand Opening Draws Crowds

August 17, 2016

The new Schlotzky’s location in Lumberton celebrated its grand opening on Thursday, August 11.  The celebration was scheduled to begin at 10 a.m., however, people lined up much earlier to be among the first 100 customers.  It was rumored that the first customer lined 
up at 1 a.m. with a cot. Those lucky first 100 people would receive one free small Original sandwich per week for a year with the purchase of a six pack of Cinnabon.  
The line wrapped around the building with many cars parked on the side of Country Lane Road. Matt Gallagher, Corporate Marketing for Schlotzky’s, said they were passing out water and cookies to the waiting customers.  Some members of the LHS band were set up on the patio area playing music to entertain the crowd. Gallagher said about the grand opening, “It’s been great.  We’re excited to be in Lumberton.”
Lumberton Chamber of Commerce members along with some city officials were present to witness the local owners, John and Julie Walker, cut the red ribbon to officially open the restaurant.
Among the line of excited customers, there was a group of smiling friends who looked as though they were having a great time standing in the already sweltering heat.  They were not long time friends; in fact, they just met in the two hours they had been waiting in the line and were now enjoying each other’s company.  
Toward the end of the line stood Daisy Mordente; who made it just in time at 9 a.m. to be the 100th person and was proudly holding her “100th customer” sign.  When asked how long she would be willing to wait in line, she said “Until it’s my turn.  I did this for my husband.”  Daisy’s husband is a big fan of Schlotzky’s and when she had to convince him to go for an angioplasty, she used his love of the sandwiches to bribe him to go.  It was another four months before he was able to enjoy his promised meal because he had to undergo a major bypass surgery.  Daisy’s husband’s favorite sandwich is the Original and now he’ll get to enjoy it every week.


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