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Hardin County Drug Bust Gathers Meth, Marijuana, & Prescription Meds

 5th, Hardin County deputies arrested Regina Garsee, who had been suspected to be dealing drugs in the Silsbee area. Sgt. Mark Vincent, said that “there had been many calls from citizens about a certain person and vehicle that was possessing narcotics… Using that information, we were able to push the information down to our patrol officers on the streets. Being on the streets more than we usually are, they are able to see more than we see.”
The patrol officers located the vehicle where they expected to see it based on the calls of the citizens in Silsbee. The vehicle in question had made a basic traffic infraction and then pulled over. “We were able to obtain probable cause to search the vehicle which produced large amounts of prescription narcotics that she doesn’t have any prescription for,” said Sgt. Vincent.
Garsee had a lot of clothing items in her car upon search, and inside pockets and hidden deep in the clothing were various containers containing the drugs. Things such as Altoid tins and cigarette boxes were being used to transport the narcotics. “These containers are commonly used amongst people who use, abuse, or distribute illegal narcotics. They are perfect to conceal and they small.” The cigarette boxes mostly contained partially smoked marijuana joints, while the Altoid containers contained the prescription medication.
Ziploc bags were found containing methamphetamine that looked like it was ready to be dealt. “It’s a good amount of meth to get off the streets. If you looked inside the Baggies containing the meth, you actually can see spoons… She opens the bag up for someone who purchases the meth and uses the spoon to scoop it out, plain and simple.” This is how officers can tell that Garsee had the intent to sell narcotics. Also found were multiple straws that can be used to snort the methamphetamine, and hypodermic needles that are used to shoot the meth right into the body. There was no shortage of paraphernalia seized from the yellow Cavalier of Garsee. 
Sgt. Vincent described the evidence labs of the Hardin County Sheriff’s office as a “one stop shop” with everything laid out on the tables. “You have every means necessary to ingest the methamphetamine, from the straws to the glass smoking pipes.”
Some of the prescription drugs that were found included, Xanax, Adderall, Alprazolam, and Codeine. “Usually whenever we make a stop like this, it is just a meth arrest. She has it all, so it will take some time to sort through everything. It is tedious, but rest assured that we will get it all packaged and accounted for,” said Sgt. Vincent. 
When everything was finally documented and accounted for, officers found a small amount of marijuana, approximately seventy grams of methamphetamine, the pain medications, a number of digital scales, and empty plastic bags, which were assumed, used to prepare the narcotics for sale. 
Sgt. Vincent was appreciative of his patrol team and the citizens responsible for the calls going out. “It is a big win for the patrol division. Without them, we can’t do our jobs. They are the ones that found the car, made the stop, did everything right and found the probable cause. Without the people calling in and giving us information, we would never know about some of the things going on around us.”
    Regina Garsee has nine bonds that were set at $149,000.



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