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Park Goer Finds Unwanted Guest In Her Truck.

According to Chief Danny Sullins a call came in late Sunday evening at the Park on E. Candlestick, in front of the Primary school. A woman called saying there was a snake in her truck. "Yes, it was on the dash of the truck when I went to get in it. I had been power walking for about 45 minutes, and when I came back I guess he was catching some rays from the sun. I didn't know I could move so fast. I'm still shook up," said Delsa Lewis. Officers John Ware (L) and Kenneth Adyelotte (R) responded to the park to find the unwanted guest just near the dashboard. Before getting a chance to grab the over 5' long reptile, it darted in her dashboard. The hide and seek game was officially on! After about an hour, the snake was found and caught under the hood near the engine. By best accounts from eyewitnesses the snake was presumed to be a Diamond back water snake.

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