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LISD Closing Ceremony


School is officially out for the Summer! On Friday, June 3rd, teachers and citizens from all over Lumberton gathered in the Dome for closing ceremonies. The spirits were high as the hundreds of people flowed into the seating area ready to kick off their summer vacation. 
LISD was voted the number one school District by Hardin County voters. Awards were given out to some of the “best” categories such as best Athletic Director, which was taken home by Lumberton AD, 
Chris Babin.
Superintendent, John Valastro, opened the ceremony by saying, “This was a long and stressful year, maybe this will overshadow the stress and the negatives.” He was referring to a nearly thirty minute video of interviews with teachers and students asking them questions such as, “What is your favorite thing about the cafeteria?” and, “how do you feel about homework?” For all the laughs the video brought, it also showed the more serious side of what the teachers do for our students. 
In an effort to showcase the teachers who showed outstanding commitment to their own attendance, HR Director, Anna Miller recognized those who were referred to as “true survivors.” “We recognize all the staff members that made it the entire school year without missing a single school day.” They stood up and were recognized by their unique t-shirts. Thirty-six teachers in total were the “true survivors” of the 2015-2016 school year.  It is significant for these teachers to show up every day. The school sees it help their students realize the importance of attending school regularly.“  The whole purpose of the “true survivors” is to make sure we have our teachers and staff on campus as much as possible so that it trickles down to our students.”
The main event, of course, was the drawing for a $5,000 vacation. The tickets were given out based on a certain teachers’ students’ attendance.  Charlie Gibbs, with Cameo Travel, was the man who presented the winner with the voucher. Anna Miller introduced the drawing. “We’ve significantly increased our time with our students over the past year. So today as we are all gathered here, I would like to announce the winner. The winner can work with a travel agent and pick anywhere they want go!”
I got to do the honors of drawing the name and it ended up being history teacher, Charlie Davis, who is taking home the $5000 dollar vacation voucher. His acceptance speech was short and sweet, as he elected to go with the classic Super Bowl MVP line, “I’m going to Disney World!” 

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