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3rd Annual Lumberton Literacy Fair

encourage our children to read and do math over the summer, not only in school, but at home as well,” said Lawrence. 
With booths set up all across the perimeter of the cafeteria, there was no shortage of fun activities for the kids to take part in. Everything from science experiments, to live music, and a lemonade stand with a good cause in mind was bursting with kids wanting to have a good time. 
Jill Simms, who was running Alex’s Lemonade Stand, was taking
donations from parents and children in return for a cup of cool, refreshing lemonade. “It raises money for childhood cancer research…. All the money goes back to that cancer research foundation,” said Simms, who had kids learning to handle money, make lemonade, and have a taste of what it is like to deal with customers. 
The most popular booth of the day was the Science Station. Every fifteen minutes, they would wow the kids with a new experiment. They covered cleaning dirty pennies, eye safety, and “elephant toothpaste.” Their overall goal was to show the kids science could be fun and that they can still learn while having a good time. 
Curriculum Coordinator, Mandy Babin, who usually deals with math and science, integrates reading into her math and science courses. “We want the kids to continue to grow through the summer and to just keep reading,” said Babin. 
The turnout at the third annual Lumberton Literacy Fair was a fair testament to how seriously the teachers take their jobs in furthering the futures of the young minds in the Lumberton community. Parents in the area can rest assured that their children’s futures are in good hands and are being treated with the utmost sincerity. 





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